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Why Laptop Battery Replacement is The Best Solution?

Michael Picco
Michael Picco

Technical Director - Energy & Environment

A good-quality laptop is essential when working from home. It should be portable and productive at the same time. However, frequent charging and discharging will eventually wear down your laptop battery life, calling for laptop battery replacements. But is this a feasible approach? Let’s discuss it!

Pros of Investing in Laptop Battery Replacements

Before replacing laptop batteries, people may be curious about what makes laptop battery replacement the best solution. Here are several reasons why you should consider laptop battery replacements:

  1. 1. Enhanced Productivity

Working with your laptop for an extended period will reduce the laptop’s battery life. Over time, you will notice that it runs out before you have completed a full day’s work. This can form serious impediments to your productivity. Such users should consider having laptop battery replacements.

By upgrading to a new battery, you will retain the original battery life expected of your model. This can lead to longer working hours with uninterrupted productivity.

  • 2. Uninterrupted Workflow

With a poor battery, your laptop will run out of juice much quicker. Power outages, being on the road or any circumstance where you can’t immediately plug in your laptop to a power source will interrupt your workflow. Fresh laptop battery replacements will deliver you an extended uninterrupted power supply so you can continue with your workflow uninterrupted.

  • 3. Cost-Effective Solution

When you find your computer runs out of battery quickly, what will you do to fix it? Buying a new one? Or ask for some certain expert to address the issue? Most people will try changing the battery since it’s a more cost-effective solution compared to buying a new laptop. In this case, if the battery is causing a problem, then looking for battery replacements is a better choice.

Cons of Investing in Laptop Battery Replacement

However, in some cases, cons associated with laptop battery replacements include the following:

  1. Hard to Choose a Reliable Battery Supplier

A vast assortment of suppliers in the market offer laptop battery replacements. Branded battery suppliers are mostly reliable because their products meet strict quality and safety compliance standards.

Unbranded batteries may be cheaper but deliver lower quality and performance. Customers may only notice the price without knowing the standard of high-quality batteries. This is where it can become hard to choose a reliable supplier.

  • 2. Compatibility and Procurement Challenges

If you have an antique laptop, it may be challenging to find battery replacements. Manufacturers may have stopped producing batteries for older models and switched to those for new laptops. If so, you will have to obtain battery replacements from unbranded manufacturers, which means their batteries may be low-quality.

In most cases, bringing your laptop to the market and finding a compatible replacement is time-consuming, making procurement a hassle.

  • 3. Uncertainty Regarding Battery Performance and Longevity

Even after laptop battery replacements, they may not deliver the original battery performance and longevity. While the chances of this are heavily reduced with a branded battery supplier, the possibility can’t be ignored. A good supplier has the confidence to provide extra extended warranty and after-sale support.

LESY’s Batteries: The Choice of Experts

To reduce the chances of performance, compatibility and procurement issues, working with LESY is a one-stop solution. LESY is a reliable, professional laptop battery manufacturer and supplier. Initially founded in 2018, our brand has been quickly established as a high-tech enterprise committed to developing laptop replacement batteries and OEM/OEM services. We offer a vast selection of safe and durable batteries to fit your business. Take a look at some of the most in-demand LESY variants for HP and Dell owners:

  • Internal Laptop Battery HT03XL for HP 14-CE0014TU

The HT03XL internal laptop battery is compatible with the HP 14-CE0014TU, HP 14-MA0312NG and HP 14-CE0000 HT03XL. It is a 3400 MAH capacity battery with 3x high-grade lithium-polymer cells that are RoHS and CE certified. Except for 12 ideal safety designs, this replacement battery has overcharge and discharge and detection protection. Additionally, LESY offers a 12-month quality warranty for almost all products.

  • Internal Laptop Battery 6MT4T for Dell P48G

The Internal Laptop Battery 6MT4T is compatible with Dell P48G, Dell Latitude E5250, Dell Latitude E5550 and others, which can be viewed on the product page. It is a 4-cell, 8100 MAH lithium-polymer battery. It is also FCC, RoHS and CE certified and has a 12-month warranty guarantee.

LESY is one of the most reliable suppliers of laptops and other lithium batteries around the globe. LESY boasts a diverse portfolio consisting of over 800 models of laptop battery replacements for leading brands, including HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, Apple, Fujitsu, ThinkPad, and more. For more information about laptop batteries, please get in touch with us directly!

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