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Pros and Cons of Lithium Laptop Battery: Is It Profitable to Invest in?

Michael Picco
Michael Picco

Technical Director - Energy & Environment

Lithium batteries have grown immensely in popularity in recent years. It is a rechargeable battery powered by lithium ions moving from the negative to the positive cathode. Before they entered the market, nickel-cadmium batteries were the standard, but lithium-ion batteries are far more desirable in terms of power, performance, and design. This has also made them the preferred choice for laptop batteries. 

Many people still desire to know the advantages and disadvantages of using lithium laptop batteries before they can invest. To make things easier, we’ve enlisted some of the greatest pros and cons of the lithium laptop battery below.


Advantages of the Lithium Laptop Battery

The following are some significant merits that the lithium laptop battery provides that win worldwide appreciation. 

  1. High Energy Density

Energy density is usually referred to as the amount of energy contained within a battery relevant to its weight or volume. In simpler terms, a battery with a higher energy density can provide more amounts of energy than its size. 

The lithium laptop battery contains the highest energy density among other batteries. For instance, the lithium laptop battery is three to four times the energy density of the nickel-cadmium battery. Due to its high energy density, the lithium laptop battery receives incredible praise, which makes it a profitable business. 

  • Stable Discharge Current

A lithium laptop battery has a stable discharge current, unlike other battery types. You may have noticed batteries displaying “self-discharge.” It is because a battery starts to lose its charge on its own when not in use. This is a natural phenomenon you’ll see in all types of batteries. However, the lithium laptop battery tends to have a much lower self-discharge, giving it a more stable discharge current than other batteries. 

  • Lighter and Smaller

It is acknowledged that newer laptop designs are being manufactured as lightweight models, meaning that the more lightweight, the better. Traditionally, most of the weight attributed to laptops was their bulky batteries. With the help of a lithium laptop battery, this is no longer an issue. For instance, lithium batteries are much smaller and lighter than other batteries but still deliver the same amount of energy, making them perfect for use in laptops. 

  • Low Maintenance

Lithium batteries are a low-maintenance type of battery. Users will not have to go to certain measures to prolong their life. In addition, there is no need to top up with water or acid or discharge periodically for them to function. All in all, the lithium laptop battery will still deliver quality performance even with minimum maintenance. 

Disadvantages of the Lithium Laptop Battery

Though the lithium laptop battery brings numerous benefits that can ease the user experience, some obstacles still exist. 

  1.   Aging

One of the significant disadvantages of lithium batteries is that they will age. For example, the lithium laptop battery can last around 3 years if the usage environment is normal. However, if these batteries are used in environments with elevated temperatures, either externally or from the device itself, they will also age faster. 

But an effective way to solve this problem and expand your business is to find a reliable battery supplier that provides a compatible laptop battery with a much longer lifespan. 

  •   Cost

Although lithium laptop battery prices have decreased over the years, they are still considerably more expensive than other battery types. Their price is usually 2-3 times that of nickel-cadmium batteries. However, they tend to be smaller in size, require lower maintenance and deliver more energy. 

Get A Reliable Lithium Laptop Battery Supplier Now

From the discussion above, we can conclude that a lithium laptop battery is worth the investment. But to run a booming business of the lithium laptop battery, it is crucial that you first locate a reliable internal laptop battery supplier. 

LESY is a reliable laptop battery supplier you can count on. We provide a wide range of laptop batteries for over 800 models of laptops from some of the top brands worldwide, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, etc. We have a diverse range of products, well manufactured and available at incredibly reasonable prices. 

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of laptop battery solutions, LESY has been investing in efficient and high-quality R&D programs for the production of reliable, trustworthy battery services. Although we specialize in manufacturing the lithium laptop battery, we further specialize in batteries for smart tools and smart home appliances. 

If you plan on investing in the lithium laptop battery, LESY is the right place to begin. For more insight into the services we offer, check out our website!

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