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LESY Brings Exclusive Internal Laptop Battery to Attend WBE 2022

Michael Picco
Michael Picco

Technical Director - Energy & Environment

The World Battery Industry Expo 2022 (WBE 2022) came to a fruitful end on August 11th, turning into an outstanding exhibition for a copious number of exhibitors, such as LESY. The WBE 2022 attracted more than 1,000 premium exhibitors to register and present their distinctive products, including the internal laptop battery, energy storage battery, smart home appliance battery, etc. 

In addition, the WBE 2022 became the largest professional exhibition in the battery energy storage industry because it provided a first-rate platform for exhibitors to accomplish their goals to allure potential customers. As one of the leading and the best laptop battery brands in the notebook battery industry, we at LESY appreciated participating in this wonderful exhibition with our exclusive internal laptop battery at booth 4.2 D441. 

What Has LESY Done to Prepare the WBE 2022?

Our years of experience producing high-quality internal laptop batteries stimulate us to be attentive to preparing everything. Therefore, in recent months, LESY has meticulously prepared for the WBE 2022. And the followings are some major moves we had done to prepare for the exhibition. 

  • Focus on Product Performance

Product performance has become what we are most concerned about since our establishment. In order to realize our goal to showcase the most satisfying internal laptop battery to our clients, we increase the investment in R&D and production machines. 

For instance, we employ professionals to manufacture and develop higher-value notebook batteries. As for the production machine, we choose the most well-known brand in the battery industry to produce our internal laptop battery. 

Simultaneously, we pay much attention to the accuracy of the internal laptop battery patch. Our consistent efforts to improve product accuracy can be verified by the phenomenon that there is no distortion for each internal laptop battery patch. In this condition, our loyal customers praise the high performance that our internal laptop battery provides. 

  • Comply with the Market Trend

Another move that we are always making is to comply with the market trend. Diversification and compatible characteristics of the internal laptop battery are the greatest concerns to the masses, thereby redirecting the notebook battery industry. In order to comply with the market trend, we develop types of internal laptop batteries compatible with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Xiaomi, and other famous brands. 

Moreover, our laptop batteries are designed at affordable prices, which can satisfy the market demand that an increasing number of people are searching for lower prices but with higher battery volume and performance. 

Unique Internal Laptop Battery LESY Displayed at WBE 2022

Exhibiting battery products at WBE 2022 is a privilege and a reward for our hard work and dedication. Our excellent products’ participation at the exhibition drew people’s attention, including internal laptop batteries 357F9 and 33YDH, making us become a beloved exhibitor. The following are some major merits of this internal laptop battery we showcased at the exhibition. 

√ High-compatible features enable the internal laptop battery to fit various well-known computer brands.
√ High cycle and low internal resistance, together with undergoing strict aging tests to guarantee stable discharge current.
√ New A-grade batteries to ensure product quality.
√ Twelve ideal safety designs bring a safe user experience.
√ Overcharge and discharge features provide battery protection detection.
√ Easy to install.
√ Affordable price, which is suitable for long-term cooperation.
√ 12 months quality warrant.

Except for those internal laptop batteries, we displayed our unique power tools, energy storage batteries, and smart home appliance batteries. We are so proud that all our exhibited batteries were favored by receiving worldwide acclaim, which will stimulate us to improve our strengths and abilities continuously.

About LESY

LESY has always been dedicated to manufacturing and developing pleasant battery-related products. Now, we can provide battery solutions to customers at the best service. In addition, the steady R&D on innovation is contributed to the pivotal position we occupy in the field of notebook batteries and is favored by worldwide customers. For more about the battery solutions, please get in touch with our professionals immediately. 

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