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HP Internal Battery Replacement: How to Perform It?

Michael Picco
Michael Picco

Technical Director - Energy & Environment

One fact that has been approved by us is that laptops are an essential part of our lives. They allow us to work and stay connected wherever we are. Unfortunately, as a crucial component in the laptop, the battery is susceptible to breaking down if used for a long time. And when that happens, it is necessary to know how to replace the internal laptop battery. 

Therefore, if you are enthusiastic about replacement laptop batteries and want to know more about the steps to change internal laptop batteries, this article will use HP internal battery replacement to show you tips on how to replace batteries correctly.

Internal Battery Replacement is important

8 Steps to Perform HP Internal Battery Replacement

Compared with other battery replacements, HP internal battery replacement has an easier way to perform since it is easy to dismantle. And here are some main tips for performing HP internal battery replacement. 

  1. Check the Laptop Battery Status

The first step to performing HP internal battery replacement is checking the laptop battery’s health status. It is simple to get a healthy battery report, and here’s how:

  • Click on the left of the screen to get the command prompt
  • Type “powercgg/batteryreport” 
  • Hit “enter”
  • Windows will generate the status of the laptop battery automatically
  • Click the user folder to check the battery report

This battery report provides an overview of the past performance of the laptop battery. In this report, design capacity and fully charged capacity are the most important to be looked at. If they are faulty, then replacing the battery is a must.

2. Purchase HP Internal Laptop Battery

Before thinking about performing HP internal battery replacement, the essential step is to buy a new internal laptop battery from a reliable laptop battery manufacturer. When buying battery replacements for hp laptops, it is necessary to check the laptop battery is the same serial number and model as the original laptop.  

It is worth mentioning that HP internal laptop replacement is produced in a specific way and cannot be misused. For example, confusing the use of different laptop batteries may affect the performance of the laptop and even make the laptop useless.

HP internal laptop battery

3. Unplug HP Laptop from the Power

The easiest step in performing HP internal battery replacement is disconnecting the laptop from the electricity connection. Otherwise, electrical shocks will cause people the great danger of bodily injuries. 

4. Use a Screwdriver to Remove the Back Panel

HP internal battery replacements require removing the back panel before installing a new battery. A screwdriver is needed to make the process easier and more efficient to accomplish this step. And a Phillips screwdriver is a useful assistant to loosen the screws on the back panel. During this process, make sure to take care not to damage the internal components of the laptop.

5. Remove the Original Laptop Battery

The next step is removing the new battery from its packaging and ensuring it is intact and clean. For example, it needs to be checked that it is the correct battery for the HP internal battery replacement. If it is correct, place the battery in the laptop’s slot in order and ensure it is properly aligned.

6. Connect the New HP Laptop Battery to the Laptop

The next step is inserting the new HP internal battery replacement and using a screwdriver to screw the battery back into the laptop and ensure it is properly connected. At the same time, special care needs to be taken to avoid dropping or improper shaking, together with being careful not to tighten or loosen it too much.

7. Replace the Back Panel 

Carefully align the back panel of the laptop into position, then use a screwdriver to tighten it. If the back panel of the laptop is not properly secured, dust or impurities may enter the laptop, resulting in serious damage.

8. Check the Performance of the New HP Battery

Once everything is ready, plug the laptop back into the power source. Then turn on the laptop to make sure it all boots up properly. Next, print a report of the battery health status again to see if the battery is as expected. If it does, then the HP internal battery replacement was a great success!

Choose a Reliable Laptop Battery Manufacturer

As aforementioned, replacing the HP laptop battery isn’t difficult. However, if you feel that replacing the battery is tedious or are worried about damaging your laptop, you should consult a professional for help. But the fundamental of replacing HP laptop batteries is to choose a reliable laptop battery manufacturer.

LESY is your trustworthy choice. As a laptop battery industry leader, we are dedicated to manufacturing lithium batteries with high performance and quality. And we are professionals in providing any service about internal laptop batteries, such as OEM/ODM customized services, 3C digital batteries, etc.

With a factory size of more than 12,00㎡ and 600 skilled workers, we can handle amounts of orders in bulk without any delay. And you can rest assured of our high-quality battery solutions that are acclaimed by many big brands, such as HP, DELL, ACER, etc. Therefore, for more information about us, please contact us immediately.

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